Voyager magazine

Even a long journey begins with one small step. Now. Not tomorrow. Here is a magazine in front of you that wants to make on each side of desire to leave. No matter where, no matter how long. What is important is that you have preconceptions at home and look around with open eyes.

Open mind, open heart are also recommended in order to be able to enjoy travel experiences with a lot of sustainability. Nature or culture, flight or train, east or west it’s never been so easy to tailor a trip to the own taste and plan. Internet, guides, books, documentaries can us another first picture of the draw to awaiter, but only locally, it takes shape and becomes our personal and therefore unique journey.

Dream of where you are going, but never how it will be there, once observed an experienced world travelers. That’s why you read here also no universal travel stories, but rather snapshots. From vacation. By traveling. From magical moments. And long-lasting feelings.